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Center for Agricultural History

Mission Statement
The Center for Agricultural History and Rural Studies, located at Iowa State University, is a unique scholarly organization devoted to research, analysis, and education of historical issues pertaining to global agricultural practices and rural life. The goal of the Center is to promote scholarship, discussion, and awareness of the historical basis of contemporary agrarian issues. The Center disseminates new knowledge to media outlets, students and the general public. The Center directly supports the research and teaching missions of the Rural and Agricultural History doctoral program in the Department of History at Iowa State University. It is directed by a faculty member, who is appointed by the Chair of the Department of History at Iowa State.

The Center for Agricultural History and Rural Studies was established in conjunction with the graduate program in Rural and Agricultural History. The Center traditionally has served as a clearing house for the dissemination of historical information about agricultural and rural history. It has answered requests from major media outlets such as: ABC News, National Public Radio, National Public Television, Japanese Public Television, the New York Times, as well as many regional media organizations. It has also routinely provided services to museums, local schools, and the general public. The Center also has served as a focal point for discussions of agricultural and rural history within the international academic community. It has sponsored two visiting scholars from Australia and New Zealand to speak at Iowa State. In the April 2004, it hosted the “New Directions in Rural History” conference, which attracted a contingent of leading scholars in the field. This conference was made possible largely by a generous subsidy from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Perhaps most significantly, from 1993-2003, the Center was the editorial home for Agricultural History, the journal of record in the field. The Center organized the 2007 Agricultural History Society meeting in Ames, Iowa.

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